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Music Videos

HAPfilm NZ Ltd is a renowned company based in Auckland, New Zealand, specializing in music video productions for various singers and capturing large-scale music concerts and events. With their exceptional expertise and utilization of the latest technology, HAPfilm has established itself as a leading name in the industry, providing clean and professional visuals combined with outstanding audio production and live multi-track recording.

The company has had the privilege of working with several notable singers from New Zealand and Australia, including TemiToope, Hamed Homayoun, Sonbol Tefi, and Sameer Hijran. HAPfilm has collaborated with these talented artists to produce captivating music videos that showcase their unique styles and performances. Whether it’s conceptualizing, directing, shooting, or producing, the HAPfilm team ensures that each video aligns with the singer’s vision and budget.

In addition to music video productions, HAPfilm has captured numerous large music concerts and significant events in Auckland. These include the Andy Madadian music concerts, the Siavash Shams music concerts held at the Ellerslie Conventions Event Centre, the Vlay (Afghan singers) music concerts at the Manukau Vodafone Event Centre, the Sonbol Taefi performances at the Epsom Art Centres, and even special events such as the Praze giving at Kings College. The company’s dedication to employing the latest technology enables them to deliver high-quality visuals and immersive audio experiences, ensuring that the essence of these live performances is preserved and conveyed effectively.

HAPfilm understands that each musician and band is unique, with distinct aspirations and varying budgets. As a result, the company offers tailored solutions to suit individual requirements, working closely with clients to bring their music to life. Whether it’s a rising local artist or an international sensation, HAPfilm is committed to helping artists expand their reach not only within New Zealand but also on a global scale.

When working with HAPfilm, clients can expect exceptional quality and professionalism. The company delivers music videos in Full HD and 4K resolution, ensuring that the visuals are of the highest standard. Furthermore, they provide media formats suitable for television broadcast and YouTube upload, enabling musicians to share their work with a worldwide audience.

As evidence of their capabilities, HAPfilm proudly showcases one of their latest music videos recorded in New Zealand for an international artist. This video is a testament to their dedication to capturing stunning visuals and delivering exceptional audio quality.

HAPfilm NZ Ltd is the go-to choice for musicians and artists who are looking to create impactful and visually stunning music videos. With their commitment to excellence, cutting-edge technology, and collaboration with renowned singers, HAPfilm continues to solidify its position as a leading music video production company in New Zealand and beyond.